Birthday Haul & Mini Review

Hey guys! I’ve been a bit absent, but I was enjoying my birthday to the fullest. I mentioned in The Last Year of my 20s that I want to focus more on the positive aspects of my birthday and that’s exactly what I did. I love haul posts so, I’ll be showing you everything IRead more

The Last Year of My 20s

When you’re younger you don’t think about anything but presents and attention when your birthday rolls around. However, I became sick in my teens, which has resulted in a strange relationship with aging. I’ve never really gotten to do typical things at typical ages and many years of my life have just been a blurRead more

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Life Update

Hey guys! I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit absent from both social media as well as posting on here. If you’ve been keeping up with me for the last year (especially if you’re close to me) you know that the last 12 months have been…..a hot mess haha. To give a TL;DR weRead more